Web Application Development

Web Application Development

Since web application development market is growing quickly. It strengthens its leading position in the business sphere. We strive to adjust to meet your needs and provide you with affordable web development services. For implementation of your ideas. We establish a dedicated team of experts, who can contribute to your outsourcing web development and make it successful. BHTech can provide you with a great variety of skilled developers, who are qualified/master at such, outsource web development services as PHP and .NET.

Server Side of our Web Application Development Services

Microsoft .NET

As you outsource .NET development projects to BHTech, you work directly with our project leader and dedicated .NET developers. You are also free to select any means of communication to be in touch with the developers constantly. If you don’t have any experience in managing your remote team, our in-house consultants are willing to instruct and support you in how to manage and communicate efficiently. BHTech chooses suitable qualified specialists who are not only master in their own field but also experience working in international environment and excellent in English. These assure that your communication will be smooth and easy!

Rich pool of talented .NET developers: Our main task is to find and provide our clients with a qualified .NET developer or a whole team of dedicated developers to suit your needs. Vietnam market is rich in young programmers . You can find any particular programmer you need, from junior specialists with limited experience to highly-qualified experts. We can make your outsource asp.NET development viable and successful!

Technologies we offer

Platforms: Windows

Frameworks: MS .Net & ASP.Net MVC

DB: MS SQL, PosteGreSQL, MySQL, Mongo DBMongo DB

JS: JQuery, Backbone.js, Knockout

PHP / NodeJS

Enhancing your outsourcing PHP development constantly, BHTech always makes sure that our clients have the entirely view of their remote team or a single developer. Our PHP experts keep customers updated on their projects, and weekly reports on the status of the current work. These are initially shared with the customer. If this is your first time you experience the management of a remote team, our consultant will give you recommendations you may need. Such a framework contributes to create mutual satisfactory relationships. Let’s outsource PHP development and achieve success with BHTech!

Skillful of PHP developers: We are passionate in helping you improve your PHP outsourcing, providing you with qualified PHP programmers who can contribute to your project. If you need have a team of PHP developers, we are willing and ready to do so. As in Vietnamese market, we have a diverse developer selection with different skills. We can offer the most suitable and efficient specialists in accordance with your needs. If the developer suits with your skill set and requirements, we make him/her a job offer and hire a dedicated PHP programmer.

Technologies we offer

Platforms: Windows & Linux

Frameworks: Laravel & yii & CakePHP & Symfony

CMS: Drupal, Joomla, WordPress

DB: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB


Client Side of our Web Application Development Services

HTML 5 and CSS3 / Bootstrap 3 / JavaScript / Jquery / Angular JS / Ajax /

Responsive Web Design

Benefit from our responsive design services: BHTech provides responsive web design service. This service gives end users images, media flexibility and displaying in an appropriate manner on any device. Recently, there are many new devices with higher resolutions and screen sizes. Be ready and hire responsive web designers from BHTech. BHTech professionals know how your website can be adapted for resolution, image size and scripting capabilities of other gadgets very well. Responsive design services can be extremely advantageous for your business and provide a strong connection with your target audience.

Advantages of Responsive web design


Better and consistent UX for mobile and tablet users

Help avoid missing information compared to a non-optimized website version

No apps installation


Reduces cross-device design costs

Reduces cross-device maintenance costs

Manage in one content set only


Our portfolio at https://bhtech.com.vn/#portfolio for our Web Application Development

When you outsource web application development to BHTech, you can trust our expertise, dedication, professionalism and diligence. They are the hallmark of our outsourcing web development company.

Working hours & time zone: We work eight hours per day. You can allocate five hours during the working time for effectively interaction with the customer. Furthermore, we are located in central of Asian. There are a few hours overlapping with EU customers and able to do time-shift with US customers