Rapid prototyping startup services

Tech Start-up Companies

A new software company or a company that wish to launch a new product or a service.


In order to turn any idea of a start-up company into real life, it is necessary for potential vendors and investors to be sure that it will be financially feasible, viable and marketable in the market. To demonstrate workability of your idea, we can help you create and develop a prototype start-up. At least, this rough working model demonstrates the philosophy and value of the product and how it is going to function in practice. Our rapid prototyping services for start-ups are intended to give you a full insight into the proper functioning of your product.

Minimal Viable Product

Using a progressive method of lean start-ups, we make your company’s starting process less risky and much easier. Using this method, your lean start-up with minimum viable product, will consist of all desired features attracting more prospective customers. This minimum viable product produced by BHTech will have necessary components to become competitive and salable in the market.

Technical Consulting

To keep your processes well-running and to follow up with the latest development, you may need technical consultancies on issues outside your field of expertise. BHTech is ready to fill such gaps with its professional technical consultancies to make your start-up software development better. Feel free to contact us and ask any questions related to problems that make the progress of your company slow down.

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