Tunnel Construction Support

Business Needs: The Client orders a full pack of production development as required below:

  • Research and find a solution to develop the full life circle of the product.
  • Support workers and supervisors to monitor all current status of all tasks, planning and control.
  • Manage all information of machines, schedules, locations, statuses… in the tunnel.
  • View and visualize tunnel’s holes and input bolting of tunnel’s portions with 3D Visualization before and after the exploration, and able to compare. In 3D model, able to view related information, rotates, zoom in/out, and integrate with another system.
  • Users are able to view working places in the map of the project.

Technologies Used:

  • Back-end / Server side with:

MS .NET WebForm, C#, IIS

Geo server, Open layer 3, Open street map, Tomcat

  • Front-end and UI:

JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap 3 & mobile responsive

3D/2D simulation, WebGL, Three.JS

  • Databases: Oracle 11, PostgreSQL, PostGIS

Duration:  4 years. In progress.

The Tunnel Construction Support system