Facilities – Access Management System

Business Needs: The Client orders of the Facilities – Accesses Management System with full pack of production development also together with several customized projects, requirements are below:

  • Develop a full rich management features for public infrastructure objects/facilities/accesses in the city surfaces: Trees, Pipes, Lines, Parks, Cars/Boats Parking, Green Areas…
  • Admin users can import, input, edit all items in the surface and cut/draw a new land area. Admin users also can generate many types of usage reports.
  • End users are able to search, view and navigate real-time in the map. Users can view objects’ information and parameters, request for rent, make orders, payment and report if any related issue.
  • The system must be ready to integrate with other systems and view data with BIM in the city map and present in 3D city model.

Technologies Used:

  • Back-end/Server side with:

MS .NET WinForms & WebForm, ASP.Net, C#, IIS, Rest API

Geo server, Open layer 3, Open street map, Tomcat

  • Front-end and UI:

JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap 3 & mobile responsive

  • Databases: Oracle 11, PostgreSQL, PostGIS

Duration:  4 years. In progress.

Facilities - Accesses Management System