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Node.js development now is a popular framework due to its great efficiency, high scalability and its relationship with JavaScript. It is a lightweight JavaScript runtime environment with the largest ecosystem of open source libraries for executing the JavaScript code from the server side.

BHTech strives for translating business requirements into meaningful Node.js development technology solutions in the form of our Node.js development services. We are one of the best Node.js development companies of Vietnam. If you are looking for Web and Mobile App Development Solutions for the business growth, and you want to collaborate with tech-savvy Node.js developers, and inventive thought leaders then join with us.

Node.js mobile app backend development: Developing a mobile app of your web application using Node.js is a great option. We will develop mobile app backend using Node.JS, which will act as a user interface for your server and mobile app. The Node.js Web App has the best speed and performance with easy code sharing and reuse.

Angular JS App with Express + Node.js Back-end: Express is an excellent web server for Node.js which offers routing, sessions, and middle-wares. We will develop an Angular JS app and REST Backend with Node.js, Express, MongoDB. For the client side will be developed in Angular JS and the server side will be JSON server with express.

Node.Js Web Development: We will develop full-featured and interactive mobile apps from the scratch code using Node.js and MongoDB.  Build your website by leveraging the set of MEAN stack technologies with RESTful APIs and get started on the development of your business logic.


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Node.js Development Services