GIS/GPS Software Development

We help our clients to implement GIS/GPS Software Development services in order to maintain geo-spatial analysis data and accurate modeling of geographies for mobile applications. We provide end-to-end custom applications depending on requirements irrespective of complexity. We always strive to deliver complete solutions suite by adhering to development life cycle starting from requirement analysis, design, coding, implementation and deployment.


Our GIS/GPS Software Development Services include:

  • Design and development of custom geospatial databases and apps
  • GIS mobile app integration with data
  • GIS Mapping Software Development
  • Fleet Routing and Tracking Apps
  • Apps related to spatial information systems
  • Development of Location Based Apps including tracking and tagging apps
  • Comprehensive data management apps with cross platform migration solutions

BHTech specializes in GIS/GPS Application Development with use of innovative techniques to fetch data and geo-positions of devices. Our software developers have consistently developed high-quality GIS Mapping solutions integrated with OpenStreet Map, Google Maps… for the accurate tracking of locations through legends, titles, and standard cartographic functions. Our apps make use of location tracking technology, especially GPS to present results that support travelling and strategy planning in field of services.

BHTech has been developing several location-based projects. Please view further at the portfolio page:
We are familiar with GeoServer, OpenLayers, PostGIS… and many other open source frameworks.


Geo and LocationLocation TrackingMobile GPS Navigation


Web and Mobile application services

In order to make a plan for your new web or mobile apps or a new online service and integrate geographic information, we provide custom web service that is easily integrated, or mash-up into your site. When we develop a custom web service, we design it by using unobtrusive JavaScript and Ajax. You don’t need to be an expert in GIS to program our web services. Our GIS web services provide many different geographic functions, including custom thematic map creation, selection of database records by location, geocoding, reverse geocoding, geo-tagging, and geo-fencing, or legislative district information by location.

We support creating APIs in a variety of formats, including RESTAPI, JSON, or your own custom XML. We provide application development services in a variety of server-side languages, including Nodejs, PHP and ASP.NET (VB.NET and C#).

For our clients, we integrate our JavaScript library with jQuery, ReactJS, and Google map API.

We host the web service for you or deliver a web service platform that you may host on your own servers.