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Autodesk announced Forge, a new cloud-based platform for developers of cloud-based applications related to architecture, design, engineering construction and manufacturing. It opens a new opportunity for us to do Autodesk Forge Development.

The Forge Platform contains an expanding collection of web service components (APIs) that can be used with Autodesk cloud-based products or your own technologies. From 3D visualizing data, 3D model’s simulation to 3D media printing.

When we talk about Forge, there are two things needs to be considered as follows:

  1. Autodesk BIM 360: In simple word, it is a container of your construction documents within your project team inwhich you can upload, share, maintain and download files. You can invite other people to be part of your project as well. You may keep your team on-track with the latest construction drawings, documents, and models.
  2. Forge API: This is a set of web services, which allows us to access Autodesk BIM 360, its project and files. With the short list/work of Forge API, we can call web services and do following work.

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Please check out the official web based viewer tool at:

Autodesk Forge Development, BIM - Building Information ModelingAutodesk Forge Development, BIM - Building Information Modeling

Projects on Autodesk Forge – Our experience

We have been working for Finnish and Japanese based clients with Forge project development. We have done customization and implement Server and Web applications that based on 2D & 3D Revit and IFC models, using Autodesk BIM 360 Documents and Forge APIs to detach each floor inside the building. We develop a new function with the use of Three.js to calculate Rooms’ borders. UI of allocation can select (import/export) a color scheme to apply and fill with color for all detached rooms. We are also able to load up to 40 models into one and view all in the same time within the viewer.

The Forge APIs we have worked with:

  • Authentication (OAuth)
  • Data Management API
  • Model Derivative API
  • Cloud / Server store and Web Viewer

The Forge Viewer APIs we have worked with:

  • Loading models to viewer
  • Node selection
  • Get selected nodes
  • Change color of nodes


Benefits – Forge

  • Viewer: This tool displays 2D and 3D design files from over 60 file formats for Web and mobile presentation.
  • Design Automation API: With this tool, thousands of AutoCAD (DWG) files shall be converted to PDF automatically which shall be run in the cloud.
  • Model Derivative API: Files are translated across formats, made available for online viewing and/or have geometry data extracted for use in other apps.
  • Data Management API: Data shall be managed across various Autodesk products.
  • Authentication: This tool offers a secure measure for authenticating and authorizing users to access and work with developer apps.