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Angular JS is a part of MEAN Stack and is maintained by Google. It provides a cross-platform run-time environment for building scalable and responsive web applications. It is a popular JavaScript framework used to create mobile app front end, web applications, and feature-rich websites.

Angular JS development is mainly used for developing fast and responsive single page applications, like Gmail and Google Docs. The main use of Angular JS is to enhance browser-based applications with model-view-controller (MVC) capability; in easy terms – it is crafted to make your Angular JS frontend development with ionic, react native and MongoDB, Angular JS web development and mobile app testing as easy as possible.

We, BHTech is love to be your Angular JS development partner in the entire journey of Angular JS Web App Development, including UX/UI design, App development and deployment. Our AngularJS development services deliver rich and well-structured apps by leveraging the latest technologies like AR, VR, IoT, iBeacon, Blockchain.

Real-Time Web App Development: For industries like finances, healthcare, and e-commerce, a real-time web app is the need of this hour to deliver best user experience. We build a real-time mobile app with Angular JS & Firebase with the right balance of HTML, CSS.

Backend and Dashboard Development with Angular JS: An Angular JS backend and data dashboard consist of a toolbar and a collection of panels in the form of charts, tables, and grids. The structure of AngularJS dashboard and backend we develop using Angular JS consist of control panels, web APIs, filtering options, selection and navigation toolbars.

MEAN Stack Development: MEAN stack represents a group of technologies (MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular JS, Node.js) which synergizes well together. We develop modern web apps with MEAN stack.

Building Hybrid Apps with Angular JS and Ionic: The Ionic framework combines HTML5 + CSS, Angular JS Development and leverages PhoneGap Cordova to gain an access to the native features of the device. We have the capability to develop a hybrid app using ionic and Angular JS framework.

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