Mobile App Maintenance Services

 Mobile App Maintenance Services

Mobile App Maintenance Services

Mobile App Maintenance

With intensive experience in product development, a wide range of technologies, and different enterprise architectures in mobile application, our team has been providing mobile app maintenance services to port, migration and maintenance many applications to the latest technologies.

Why maintenance? Our approach

As other applications and solutions, it is necessary to updated mobile applications, mobile games, or mobile solutions periodically to fit user needs and meet performance requirements of new devices. This helps to fill the gap with new mobile technologies.

In order to have product maintenance with a stable service, companies should build professional technical teams experienced in a wide range of mobile and Back-end skill sets. In reality, there is a few companies which can afford or are willing to pay for fulltime teams to do this job.

Understanding requirement of IT market, Bac Ha Mobile Technologies has developed strong technical teams with more than three year experience in mobile application development and maintenance. We have Back-end teams with more than 5 year experience in client-server solutions and enterprise solutions. We also offer high quality maintenance service to your mobile applications at a reasonable price.


Upon reception of maintain job, it is needed to understand the application,other available published applications on stores and requirements from product documents (requirements, design and architecture documents etc…). Then, there shall be a quick test for bugs/issues, if any. Survey, feedback review and suggestion shall be made for applications improvement.

Maintenance works

Based on customers’ needs, feedback of customers, and what we found from the applications, we shall discuss about a service agreement based on scope of works:

Maintenance work to fix bugs/crashes
Update to new OS, new devices
Plan for new feature upgrade
Or any other development works

The cost will based on:

How would you like to respond/report with comments from Stores?
How minimum effort (in man-days) would you like to reserve for application (per year/quarter/month)?
How long do you expect to deal with problems/issues, if any (within 4/8/24 hours)?

Slide of our maintenance services