Why us

Why us? Why BHTech?

Why us? BHTech

Why us? BHTech

BHTech has extensive experience in international collaboration. This experience has created a set of flexible and dynamic client engagement models to ensure that our collaboration perfectly fit. Our engagement models rely on proven governance processes, methodologies and metrics. This gives our clients transparency, discipline, reduction of risk and creation of the most successful business partnerships.

  • Development of new teams or team extension for clients
  • Project execution
  • Service management

How do clients benefit from working with us?

Small scale Start up to create great success: Our clients from Finland and US have already tested our services. They highly appreciated the endeavour of engineers in working to ensure the best quality and performance.

Team development & support: We have extensive experience in our services. We focuses on setting up and supporting dedicated software-development teams in Vietnam. These teams are professional in design, development, testing, maintenance and clients’ software support.

Skilled software developers: We provide with highly qualified software developers and QA at a reasonable price. You shall get great result with BHTech.

Service quality: We offers its clients satisfaction with professional IT engineers, modern equipment and standard working conditions. We always listen to your needs and do the best to meet you all.

Competitive costs and salaries:  You shall save a minimum of 30% of your total cost for the development of a new team us or hire a dedicated software development team with us.

Instead of other software development outsourcing companies, please select us – BHTech!

Consulting: We closely work with clients’ teams  every day. Therefore, our clients are always well-informed about the result-oriented process of their remote teams. We always do our best to provide different kinds of service with adequate information and consultation in timely manner.

Team management: Our clients are directly involved into the process of on-going projects from starting to finish.

Transparent pricing: Our clients always understand and follow what they are paying for and where the costs come from during the time of their contracts. There are no hidden costs at BHTech! All related costs are well stated at beginning. And everything is fully corresponding to the signed contract!

Talent specialists especially for you: We offer you proper engineers to meet requirements of your projects. BHTech always selects skilled IT professionals and the best resource to fit our customers’ needs. We keep them remains in the team as long as required.