What Does Your Dream Job Look Like?

At BHTech, everyone is capable of greatness. So we’ve created a positive and supportive working place where each team member can grow and share their passion as well as dreams. Let’s join BHTech, you’ll discover definitely.



Mobile Hybrid, React Native, Javascript Developer positions Mô tả công việc – Phát triển các ứng dụng..
Business Developer Executive position – Nhân viên phát triển thị trường nước ngoài Mô tả công việc..
Front End Developer position – Tuyển lập trình viên Front End Mô tả công việc Tham gia phát triển..
Tester position – Tuyển lập nhân viên kiểm thử phần mềm Mô tả công việc Tham gia phân tích..
Python Developer position – Tuyển lập trình viên Python Mô tả công việc Tham gia các dự án..




Job application instruction

  • Filling in BHTech’s CV template. You can download the template from here.Careers - What Does Your Dream Job Look Like?
  • DO NOT use the contact form to send your CV. Instead, send your CV to info@bhtech.com.vn. We will check your CV and get back to you as soon as we can.
  • The applicant selection in BHTech follows 3 steps: Application assessment; Interview; Skill testing. The response to job application shall be within one week from the date of interview.

This is a good chance to work in a positive, supportive and professional working environment!